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Intense artistic and theatrical activity that, for a century now, the Napoli family has been carrying out in Sicily and around the world. The repertoire is rich: in addition to proposing performances with subject recitals according to the tradition of the ancient canvases, they also represent spread out scripts in which a more modern dramaturgy of the Opera dei Pupi takes into account the traditional rules of staging.


A Valli

ovvero la morte dei paladini a Roncisvalle

Orlando e Rinaldo-F.lli Napoli copia cop


The Company is equipped with a self-supporting stage structure that allows the performance of the show even in environments without a real stage. Even the proposal of shows performed "on sight" makes it possible for the public to realize not only the magic of the staging, but also the important relationships of interaction that are established between the various members of the company during the production of the scenic event.

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