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The Antica Bottega of the Napoli brothers is located in the historic center of Catania, near the Ursino Castle and the Pescheria market. It represents a heritage of great historical and cultural importance for the territory, since, from the time of Gaetano Napoli to today, the "knowledge of the hand" and the techniques that allow the creation of all objects are handed down from generation to generation. of artistic craftsmanship linked to the tradition of the Opera dei Pupi of Catania.


The creation of catanese puppets involves a complex series of skills, ranging from carving the pieces of the bust to the sculpture and painting of the head, from the working of the armor to the tailoring work.

It is an art that has been handed down in the Napoli family for several generations. Pippo Napoli had learned the fundamentals and techniques of this particular form of craftsmanship from the ancient master coppersmiths who in the early decades of the twentieth century embossed the armor of theater puppets, up to m. 1.30. Of these now secular puppets, the only "profession" that has remained intact and complete is now jealously guarded by the Napoli family. Fiorenzo Napoli learned the job from his uncle Pippo and further perfected it through a very personal research that allowed him to combine refined goldsmith work with traditional embossing techniques with pole and puntiddi .

This knowledge was collected by Davide Napoli, who today, together with his father Fiorenzo, builds the armor. Alessandro Napoli also collaborates in the workshop for the padding and lining of the busts and Agnese Torrisi Napoli for the creation of costumes.



The Antica Bottega dei Fratelli Napoli can be visited by reservation.

For information, send an email to or contact us at (+39) 347 09 54 526

Antica Bottega del Puparo - Marionettistica F.lli Napoli

Via Reitano 55, 95121 Catania CT

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